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Andar Bahar: Everything You Should Know About the Casino Card Game



Andar Bahar Rules

If you are searching for a card game with much fun and thrill, a new way to challenge your card gaming skills, Andar Bahar is your game. The thrilling thing is that you can play this game even with tamarind seeds! This is a game of chance that depends mainly on the skills and luck of the player to win. 

And the drama that comes with it is immeasurable. Over the centuries, Andar Bahar has evolved from a traditional native game with a strange name to among the most famous and sought-after games and even made its way into the online community. However, this is not all, there is still more about Andar Bahar than meets the eye.

What is Andar Bahar?

It is a card game that involves playing with friends or family members. It does not have much difference from the other online card games. However, the excitement it offers to its players is on another level. The best part about Andar Bahar is that it is a portable game. You don’t have to fuss about the game table, reels, or chips; all you need is a deck of cards. While playing this game online, you do not have to restrain yourself to a single gadget; you can play on a mobile mode. Additionally, playing Andar Bahar online can earn you real cash if you are looking for some money besides the fun.

How To Play Andar Bahar

Playing Andar Bahar is not complicated, whether you are playing in an online casino or with your friends at a table. The dealer shuffles the deck when this game starts and then reveals a card, ‘Joker.’ The game has two sides to bet on; ‘Andar’ and ‘Bahar.’ To win a bet, you need to guess which side the joker card will appear on. This game can accommodate any number of players sitting around the dealer in a circle formation.

The Procedure

‘Andar’ means inside while ‘Bahar’ means outside. Once the dealer has placed the middle card, the piles remaining are put on the left and right sides of the joker card. The players then place their bets on either side of the piles. The dealer in Andar Bahar is also a player, and together with all the players, they should finalize the maximum and minimum bets in advance. As the game continues, the dealer keeps dealing single cards from the remaining in the deck to the piles on both sides, alternatively facing up. 

If the middle card is red, the first card goes to the Bahar pile. If it is black, then the first card goes to the Andar pile. This continues until the dealer reaches a card that matches the middle card. Then, to win, you must bet on the pile where the matching card will appear, and the other players lose.


Betting online on Andar Bahar is one thing but getting your deserved payout is another. The level of payout one gets on the first card that was dealt. If you bet on Andar to win, you get better odds if the first card is dealt with Andar. The payouts are as follows;

  • If Andar’s side is dealt first, you get a payout of 10/9.
  • Id Bahar’s side is dealt with first; your payout is evens.
  • It is vital to understand this concept if you want to play and win Andar Bahar online.

Rules Of Playing Andar Bahar

While playing Andar Bahar may seem easy and fun, it is essential to know and understand the game’s rules. The main aim of this game is to predict on which side, either Andar or Bahar, will the next card fall with the same value as the middle card. Here are the rules of the game.

  1. Any bet lost goes to the dealer.
  2. There are two cards dealt with each betting spot when there is an additional bet. The players then have to place their final bets in such a case.
  3. The game round ends when a similar card value to the middle card is dealt with any betting spots.
  4. You only win when you bet on the correct spot.
  5. When the game starts, the dealer must reveal one card to all the players, and that card becomes the middle card.
  6. The layers have to bet on where a card with the same face value will appear, whether Andar or Bahar.

Tricks And Tips For Playing Andar Bahar

The only intention behind playing any game is winning. And for this reason, playing Andar Bahar online comes with some tricks and tips you could use to ensure you win against the other players.

  • First, understand the game: Before getting into the game and starting to play, you must know the basics of the game. These include the rules, the terms of play, and the bets.
  • Not all rounds of Andar Bahar are the same: There are different variations of Andar Bahar, and you must understand them all. The game’s base may be the same, but the details in each variation will be different. This is the unique trick of Andar Bahar.
  • You can only select between two bets during the game. Therefore, be vigilant, do not rush without adequately thinking about your next move.
  • Mind the table limits: while playing, do not get carried away and forget about the table limits. Always keep this in check.
  • Be mindful of how much you bet while playing in the online casinos. Have a plan and a budget, and always stick to it. Do not go chasing losses; you might end up losing more.
  • Always try to be as close as a 50-50 chance of winning. Ensuring this is simple; all you need to do is, when you lose, you double your bet, and when you win, you return the initial amount of the bet.

Andar Bahar is more than just a card game. It is the perfect definition of fun and a way to pass the time, whether playing online or offline. It has different variations that make it intriguing as you try to strategize your way to being the winner. Before you start betting on the game, please have a plan and a budget and ensure you stick to it. Gambling can be addictive, always knowing when to stop.