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Serena Williams Joins Star Line-Up at Wimbledon, Eric Hechtman

Seven-time Wimbledon champion Serena Williams speaks to the media ahead of her opening match at this year’s Wimbledon.



Serena Williams walked out on Centre Court under a closed retractable roof on Friday afternoon, taking advantage of Wimbledon’s new policy of allowing players to practice there and at No. 1 Court before the tournament begins next week.

“It feels good to be back” – Serena Williams

Accompanied by coach Eric Hechtman — who has worked with her older sister, Venus, and replaces longtime coach Patrick Moratoglou, now with Simona Halep — and hitting partner Jarmere Jenkins, Williams returned to the site of her last official singles match anywhere, nearly a full year ago at the All England Club. That ended after less than a set, when Williams slipped on the slick turf and injured her right leg.

Since her return, Serena Williams has been focussing on, “one match at a time, one day at a time.” But her presence alone may be enough to galvanise the women’s field.