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T20 Betting Guide: Everything You Need to Know about T20 Betting, Strategy, and Odds



T20 Betting Guide

If T20 cricket is your preferred format of the sport, T-20 Betting is going to excite you for sure. After all, it moves as fast and remains as fun as the sport itself. So, if you have never tried your hands at betting on T20 matches, read on to know a few things to make it easier for you.

What is T20 Cricket?

T20 or Twenty20 is the shorter version of cricket that is limited to twenty overs of gameplay that lasts for nearly eighty minutes per inning. There are thirty minutes in between. This T20 format began in 2003 when England and Wales Cricket Board introduced it.

Ever since its inception, this shorter format of the game has enticed all cricket-loving nations across the world. It enjoys much global popularity, especially in India, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and Australia. This format is so popular because it’s suitable for the franchised form of sports, such as British football clubs.

It has made the hugely successful IPL tournament possible, where high net-worth individuals have their cricket teams playing against one another.

How to Bet on T20 Cricket

T-20 Betting is pretty simple. Here is a basic guideline on the steps you need to follow to place your bets on T20 matches:

  • Step 1: Choose a reliable and well-reputed website to place your bets on T20 matches.
  • Step 2: Read the terms and conditions of the website and register yourself on the site.
  • Step 3: You will find the option for betting on T20 cricket on the homepage. After clicking on that, choose the bets you want to place.
  • Step 4: Go to the payment page to complete the process of placing your bet on the match.
  • Step 5: If you win the bet, you can withdraw your winning amount from the website.

The process of placing your bets is the same on any T20 match, be it the IPL or the T20 cricket world cup.

Why Should I Bet on T20 Cricket?

There are several perks of placing your bets on T20 cricket, and some of them are listed below:

  • Games are completed faster than Test matches, which means you don’t need to wait for days to know if you have placed a winning bet or not.
  • Batsmen try to hit big early on in the game, which means there is a famous betting market for fours and sixes.
  • The fielding team tries to attack from the beginning, making the batsmen score runs quickly or causing wickets to fall fast.
  • Since T20 cricket tends to be a shorter game version, more matches occur worldwide. So, you get more prospects of placing your bets.
  • A huge amount of in-play and pre-game market for the T20 cricket world cup.
  • Pitch deterioration is not much of an issue because matches tend to be completed quickly. Thus, batting second is not an issue for the players.

T20 Cricket Betting Strategy

The match bet prediction is more lucrative and profitable in T20 cricket. So, if you want to make the most of it, here are the top three strategies that will help you.

Go for the Over-Under Markets

The most popular bet in T20 cricket is to predict the total number of runs that the batting team can score. Such markets are found in different forms and shapes, though the most common is the over-under runs scored within the initial six overs and in the innings.

Only two fielders can stay outside the thirty-yard circle during the initial six overs. So, the batting team tries to go all out in their attack. In such a condition, you can back them up to score more than the projected runs. But after the power-play is done, the fielders can be stationed anywhere, and the batsmen get more cautious. The run rate falls due to this. 

Pay Attention to Team Composition

You need to understand the team composition for both teams on the field. Know about the mini head-to-head competitions in each game. For instance, it’s usually hard to play the bowler who spins the balls away from the batsmen’s body. Thus, a right-handed batsman finds it easier to play the off-spin bowling, but a left-handed batsman plays the leg-spin more effortlessly.

Keep an Eye Out for the Early Wickets

In T20 matches, the aim is to put up a bigger total on the board by holding on to the initial wickets. Thus, a few wickets falling in the power-play overs can create mayhem in the team. In this situation, in live betting, it would be a good idea if you support the batting team and cash out after the following few overs when the batsmen have steadied the ship and the odds have reduced once more.

Why is T20 Betting so Popular?

T20 is the shortest popular sports format and perfectly suits busy modern-day cricket fans. It is also the most exciting bet because the odds are more lucrative and tend to move faster than the Test and ODI matches. The bet prediction is more fun, and you have better chances of making a profit.

How to Find the Best T20 Cricket Betting Site?

Many betting sites online let you place your bets on T20 cricket. So, you will have to be careful about choosing the right one. An excellent place to start your betting journey would be PlaySQR. It is a reliable, licensed, and well-reputed site with good odds on T20 matches.


Betting on T20 cricket is fun and exciting. So, make sure you use the right strategies and choose a reliable site.