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The Best Super Bowl Party Betting Games



Imagine getting ready to watch the big game on the television with your friends, but something’s missing. Take your game watch party to the next level by incorporating Super Bowl party games. Not only are these games easy to plan but also provide an extra dose of entertainment for you and your friends. 

How Do You Play Super Bowl Party Games?

The first question you may have is, “How do you exactly do betting at home?” Like many betting games, you do not have to necessarily bet on money when it comes to Super Bowl betting games. You can simply engage in fun games or take the fun up a notch with drinking or food games.

There is a hard or fast rule of playing Super Bowl party games. Different games have different rules or you can even establish your own rules for the games. Here are some unique betting game ideas that you can play with your friends:

  • Winners don’t have to clean up after the party.
  • Losers need to drink a shot or eat a mixture of drinks or foods that don’t go well together (like ketchup and orange juice!).
  • Losers need to host the Super Bowl Party next year.
  • Losers need to perform any embarrassing dare given by their friends.

And more! 

You can simply modify the game rules and outcome challenges or consequences on how you and your friends like it. If there are many couples in your group, the bet ideas for couples can include a boys vs. girls challenge. The loser group has to take the winning group for exclusive dinner dates or anything you and your friends decide. 

So, without further ado, let’s check out the different fun Super Bowl party betting games!

Super Bowl Betting Ideas for Friends

You and your friends may support different teams and wherever your friends’ favourite loses, you can give them a hard time. Take this fun to a whole new level by engaging in Super Bowl party games and placing bet with friends. 

  • Squares

Setting up the Squares and playing it requires zero knowledge of rule changes for all seasons. All you need is a pen, a sheet of paper, and a ruler to draw a 10-by-10 grid which gives you 100 squares. Write numbers 0-9 in random order along one side of the square and the top. Alternatively, you can simply download an online template and print it out.

Now pass the sheet of paper among all your friends so that everyone can write down their initials in one square each. You can also make each participant pay if they want to fill in their initials in more than one square. If you are playing as a team, then write one team’s name across the top and the name of another team down the left side. Don’t worry if there are empty squares. 

Make everyone pay into a pot before the numbers are selected. At the end of each quarter of the game, use the final digit of the score for each team to find out who is in the square at the intersection of those two team’s numbers. The winner gets one-fourth of the total money in the pot or any other rewards that you have selected. If the winning square is empty, roll out the reward to the next quarter’s winner. 

  • Prop Bets or Prop Pool

A popular Super Bowl party game is prop bets. Also known as proposition bets, it is a bet other than the standard moneyline or straight wager. In this betting game, the variables that do not impact the outcome of the game or have anything to do with the game are considered. 

Prop bets can focus on betting on which team will score the first touchdowns, or the number of songs played during the halftime of the game or even guessing the time of the National Anthem. These bets are easy to determine as a win or loss and do not require skills. 

Put your and your friends’ vote and put the money in a pot. Use a notebook to keep track of the answers and whoever is the winner, gets to split the pot. Or you can download a Super Bowl props sheet and make all your friends answer a list of questions. Choose your winner based on who has given the correct answers. 

  • Over/Under Bets

This fun betting game can run within and without the game. Set a specific number based on any factor. For instance, it can be the number of commercials that will play before some beauty ad pops up. Or, pick a number of completed passes or rushing yards. Now, add a half to that number to make sure there are no draws. 

One person in your group takes the “over,” or bets that the actual amount will go over that number whereas another person takes the “under.” 

  • Touchdown Toss

Townown toss is one of the classic bet ideas for friends with a small group. Make a paper football using a normal piece of paper. Fold it lengthwise until it is about two inches wide. Then, like a flag, fold it in a corner to the opposite edge. Repeat this process until you have a triangle. Then tape and seal it. 

Place cups along with tables and try flicking the football in the cups. The cups depict a field goal and track the number of goals you and your friends make. The one who makes the goal is the winner!

  • Pass the Cup

This is a simple and fun game and does not require any experience for you to play. You can play Pass the Cup with as many people as you want. In this Super Bowl party game, each participant puts their stake in a cup and their name on a list. 

Start the game with the youngest person in your group. The cup goes to the next person on the list every time possession changes in the football game. The last person holding the cup at the end of the quarter, half, or game gets to keep the whole pot. 

  • Commercial Bingo

Commercial bingo is a fun and interactive game. Improve your chances of winning by paying attention to each commercial throughout the game. Print off a bingo sheet and then let each participant fill in the squares with things they are likely to find or see in the Super Bowl game. 

A major part of this betting is trading your bingo sheet with another player. Otherwise, it becomes too easy. So, if you want to even the playing field, set yours up before the guests and have them rearrange the same squires on the other bingo sheets. Keep marking off your squares as you watch the commercials. 

For example, you can put fun things in your squares like an iced drink, a talking animal or even someone running. You can also include fun wagers from trusted online sportsbooks. 

Minute to Win It Betting Games

If you and your friends want something very short and easy to play, the “minute to win it” betting games are the best choice. You can play these Super Bowl bet games TV during the commercial breaks and get back to concentrating on the game when it starts. 

  • Kick-Off

Group yourselves into two teams and ensure you have a total of ten stuffed footballs. You can also replace these footballs with stuffed animals or whatever you have. Now one player from the first team will hold the bucket while another player from the second team attempts to drop-punt the stuffed football into it. The first team to catch all ten wins. 

  • Oreo Linemen

Play Oreo Linemen by gathering some Oreos and a football-themed tablecloth. Each player will have to slide their Orea across the tablecloth by aiming to get the cookies to land on each yard line. The first player to get seven cookies on seven different yard lines wins the game. 

  • Face Goal

You will need a stuffed football or stuffed animals for this game as well. Divide your group into two teams and stand facing each other. One player needs to stand with their arms above their head like a goalpost. On the other hand, another player should attempt to hike the football underneath their legs. The player needs to make a field goal by hitting their partner’s face to win.

  • Football Ring Toss

In Football ring toss, tie a few pens, sticks, or straws to create a goal post and use washers as the rings. This game puts a classic twist to the original ring toss game where players have to try and get as many rings as possible on the goal post.

  • Finger Flick Football

To play this game, fold some scrap paper into triangles to make mini-footballs. Now, have one team member create a goal post with their fingers while another team member attempts to flick the paper football through the post. Choose your winner based on the number of goals made. 

  • Mascot Match

This fun game allows you to match the mascots to their respective teams. Print out the mascots and the names of the NFL teams and try to match them within a limited time. Put your knowledge to the test and whoever gets to match the most mascots correctly wins!

  • Football Toss

You will need a football and hula hoop, tire, or any big circular object to play football toss. Test your football skills in this game by throwing the ball through the hanging hoop or any other target. Remember, you have limited time on your hands. Try to make the most successful throws to win the game. 

  • Football Snack Challenge

Divide your friends into two teams and let each team carry an identical plate of snacks. This can contain marshmallows, pretzels, chocolates, or even carrots. Give the teams sixty seconds to transport their plate into a football-related snack. For example, the pretzel sticks can be used to make a goal post or you can even make a marshmallow mascot. Incorporate a variety of snacks and make the game innovative and challenging. 

Super Bowl Drinking Games

A great way to level up your Super Bowl party is by introducing drinking games. You can choose alcohol or non-alcoholic drinks depending on what you and your friends prefer or you can have both options. Let’s divide the bets for friends with respect to the first and second half of the game. 

First-Half Betting Games:

  • The Penalty Shot

When a team gets a penalty, whether five yards, or more, hand everyone a Jell-O shot. So, if you want to play this game, prepare the shots beforehand.

  • The Fumbler

You can play this game whenever a ball is fumbled. So, when this happens, everyone needs to pass their drink to the left. In this way, not only you are playing a drinking game but also you get to try a new drink every time a ball is fumbled. In case most of the drinks are the same, everyone can drink half the cup once the cups are passed to the next person. 

  • The Replay Go-Play

When either of the team’s coaches requests a replay review, you and your friends have to quickly create a cocktail that you’ve never had before. 

  • The Beer Cooler Challenge

Start this game whenever a beer commercial comes on. Chug half your beer and make sure everyone in the room does so. If someone cheats, their penalty is to do a shot or you can add any other consequence.

Second-Half Betting Games:

  • Score-and-Shoot

As per this game, you need to take a shot whenever there is a touchdown. 

  • The Get Sacked

Whenever a quarterback from either team is sacked, your friends need to choose a slip of paper that’s in a paper bag or cup. Make sure none of the players can see the slip. Whatever drink is listed on the slip, the participant has to consume that. 

  • The Time Out Cocktail Hour

Every one of your friends has to make a cocktail when a time-out is called by a team. You can choose to make whiskey lemonade vodka cranberry, or any other that you deem fit. When one team scores a touchdown, or a field goal, the fans of the other team have to do a shot. Fence-sitters have to do half a shot. 

Super Bowl Food Games

  • Win-Win Food Competition

Essentially a potluck competition, each guest has to bring their best dish while everyone votes for that dish. The game can get competitive if you are hosting the Super Bowl party year after year and the participants get a feel for what the others will bring. 

This brings creativity and innovation to the mix. The most-voted food wins the competition and everyone gets to try a variety of good food. 

  • Make-a-Plate Game

In this food game, count the number of guests and take that number of disposal plates and with a Sharpie, put the same symbol on every two plates. Make sure no one sees the symbol when you are drawing them. 

Shuffle the plates and hand them out and then let everyone prepare a plate of food. After this, the participants who have the same symbol, exchange their plates. This game is fun and innovative and also acts as a great icebreaker in your group. 

Top Super Bowl Betting Sites

When it comes to the Super Bowl, you can play betting games for fun or place super bets for real money using online sportsbooks. 

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Thus, you can play a variety of Super Bowl party games and elevate the level of fun with your friends and family. Participate in fun and playful or opt to invest your money in online betting sites. Whatever you choose, make sure to have fun with everybody so that you make lasting memories.